Delivering The Experience

Manpower sourcing Services

Success in industry depends on the quality of the workforce that drives innovation and productivity. At Stymer, we understand the pivotal role that manpower plays in the realization of business goals. We offer excellent Manpower Sourcing services to meet our clients' staffing needs.

Our Manpower Sourcing Services Expertise

Our dedicated team of HR Recruiters stands as the backbone of our Manpower Sourcing Services. These experts have extensive experience and knowledge. They ensure that we accurately and effectively meet both short-term and long-term staffing needs.

Temporary Manpower Solutions

In the fast-paced world of industry, fluctuations in workload and project demands are not uncommon. To address the need for flexible staffing solutions, Stymer provides adept temporary Manpower Sourcing Services. Our HR Recruiters excel at finding and hiring temporary staff with the necessary skills and experience. They can do this for different reasons like sudden project increases, seasonal needs, or short-term tasks.

Permanent Manpower Solutions

Recognizing the long-term needs of our clients, Stymer extends its Manpower Sourcing Services to cover permanent roles. We hire people who have the right skills, knowledge, and fit with our organization's goals and values. A business's success depends on its permanent employees. Our recruitment team dedicates itself to providing trustworthy hiring solutions.

Specialized Talents for Engineering Roles

Stymer specializes in sourcing talent for various engineering roles critical to the success of industrial projects. Our Manpower Sourcing Services encompass a range of engineering positions, including:

Mechanical Engineers: Professionals equipped with the expertise to drive mechanical aspects of projects, ensuring efficiency and precision.

Mechanical Draughtsman: Individuals skilled in translating engineering designs into detailed technical drawings, crucial for project visualization and execution.

Piping Engineers: Experts in designing and implementing piping systems, ensuring the seamless flow of fluids in industrial processes.

Piping Draughtsman: Skilled in making detailed drawings and plans for piping systems, ensuring project accuracy.

PDMS Modellers: are skilled in using PDMS for 3D modeling, improving plant design visualization.

SP3D Modellers: Skilled in using SP3D software for plant modeling, improving design efficiency and accuracy.

Piping Layout Engineers: Experts in creating strategic layouts for piping systems, optimizing spatial arrangements for seamless operations.

Offshore-Onshore and FPSO Experience

Our team ensures candidates have the necessary expertise for the unique demands of the oil and gas sector. This helps to increase the chances of project success.

Reliable Hiring Services

Stymer's commitment to excellence extends to every facet of our Manpower Sourcing Services. Our team has a strict recruitment process. This process aims to find candidates who meet technical requirements.

Additionally, it seeks candidates who fit in with the hiring organization's culture and values. This applies to both temporary and permanent roles. We know that hiring good people is important for a stable and successful workforce, and we take this seriously.

Tailored Solutions for Your Industry

Stymer acknowledges the diversity of industries and the unique staffing needs that each sector presents. We customize our Manpower Sourcing Services to fit the needs of your industry, rather than offering a generic solution. Our HR Recruiters find candidates with the right skills and experience for various industries. These industries include manufacturing, engineering, oil and gas, and others.

International Perspective, Global Solutions

Stymer offers global Manpower Sourcing Services that follow international standards and best practices. Our global perspective enables us to understand the nuances of different industries and the diverse talent pools available worldwide. Whether you are a local business with global aspirations or an international organization seeking top-tier talent, Stymer's Manpower Sourcing services transcend geographical boundaries.

Client-Centric Approach

At Stymer, we prioritize a client-centric approach in every aspect of our Manpower Sourcing Services. Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving success. We do this by connecting them with individuals who have similar goals and values.

We prioritize finding the right fit for our clients, rather than simply filling job vacancies. We are your growth partners. We show our commitment to excellence by offering you high-quality candidates for your consideration.

In industry, good workers are important for success. They help with efficiency, innovation, and achieving goals.

Stymer's Manpower Sourcing Services are not just regular recruitment. We create workforce solutions that adapt to the changing needs of industries worldwide. Stymer can help you find the right talent for temporary or permanent workers. They can support your projects and strengthen your team.