Delivering The Experience

Industrial Machinery

Manufacturers of Industrial Machinery & Equipment face numerous challenges while bringing an idea into reality.

Our product development capability helps manufacturers to develop new products faster. Our team of CAD and CAE engineers supports them through the product development process from concept to manufacturing. Our experience, tools, and qualifications enable us to empower our customers to make key decisions based on quality, cost, manufacturability, sustainability analysis etc.

Our Experience in some the industrial equipment and machinery as follows:

Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers –
We have vast experience in working with ASME, EN codes. Our engineers can design the pressure vessels and heat exchangers as per the requirements of our customers and also help them with obtaining the approvals from governing authorities.

Material Handling Equipment –
Our team is well experienced to undertake engineering and design of material handling equipment. Forklifts, spreader beams, shackles, hooks, manual and electrical stackers, pallets, hoists, cranes etc.
We use the latest software tools to design and analyse the concepts and then bring about the most suitable, manufacturable, sustainable design to our clients. The key focus is always on providing a design that is most suitable for our client’s existing capabilities and his customer base.

Bag Filters –
We can design bag filters with commendable precision and record delivery time. We understand the stringent timelines given to boiler manufacturers for delivery and installation of the whole system. Our design support extends up to manufacturing and we make sure that the client does not face major issues during fabrication.

We work on 3 types of bag filters, viz. shakers, reverse air and pulse jet type.