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Computational Fluid Dynamics

What is CFD?

The full form of CFD is Computational fluid dynamics. It is about numerical solution of governing equations of fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, Chemical reaction and related phenomena.

The governing equations of fluid flow are based on conservation laws of mass, momentum, and energy conservation.

Why CFD is needed?

The numerical solution of Nevier stroke equations are highly nonlinear when coupled with other phenomena and in case of complex geometry with Multiphysics and varying property make it very complex to solve these equations analytically. So, the numerical analysis technique called as CFD is used to solve such type of problems.

CFD is an alternative method to the experimental and analytical method for solving fluid flow problems. Most of the times experimental solutions are expensive and time consuming and for complex problem it is difficult to find analytical solutions. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) gives advantage over the experimental and analytical methods for solving fluid flow problems.

What are the applications of CFD?

It has wide range of applications from industry to academic applications. It is used in aerospace, automobile, process industry, oil and gas industry, HVAC applications, Environmental pollutant removal, Electronics, Energy, Marine, Chemical industry, Medical and many more applications where fluid flow is involved.

Where is it Used?

It is used in engineering applications for new product development, redesigning product and identifying troubleshooting in already existing product.

CFD gives accurate results when geometry is designed accurately, problem is accurately set, system is meshed correctly and most important boundary conditions are set properly. To solve the CFD problems, it requires great level of understanding of problem, practical knowledge of particular problem.

What is the methodology used in CFD?

The CFD methodology consists of following steps:

3D CAD model preparation and fluid volume extraction

CAD model required for analysis is created in modelling software. The fluid volume is extracted from 3D CAD model for flow analysis.


Flow volume is divided into small elements, which will be exported to solver for analysis.

Solution Setup and Calculation

CFD Solver is used to compute fluid flow by solving fluid flow governing equations at each element for given set of boundary conditions.

Post processing the results

Post processor is used to extract results from calculated solution data file.

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